Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Day 17: The Wait Begins. . .

We put in a bid on the victorian home pictured below. We filled out paperwork yesterday evening, around 6 p.m., so technically the bid was officially put in today. I'm sort-of excited, but this part of the real estate game fills me with dread. Will they accept it? What if something's terribly wrong in the inspection? And inevitably, was this even the right choice? It's enough to keep a girl up nights.

To keep fretting to a minimum, I decided to go for a jog yesterday evening. Ah, the heavy evening air of mid-summer Kansas. Four blocks from home, I thought I might die. I had the cattle dog, Ziti, attached to one arm, and the other hand made this determined fist of its own accord. I used to do this, I kept thinking. Frankly, it used to be easier. I walked a block to let my thighs quit jiggling, stickily. Ew. The dog was also panting, which brightened my mood. I set my sights on the end of the road and quickened my pace again. I arrived home later drenched in sweat, partly because I almost died and partly because it was still 85ยบ out there. I was afraid to check the map and see that I'd only gone half a mile. I delayed by shamelessly watching reality TV (that Denise Richards' show is addictive!) and letting my back stick to the plastic lawn chairs we're using as furniture. Three commercial breaks later, I mapped it out to discover I made it 1.5 miles — far better than I imagined! I pretended to stretch in front of the TV, so George would know what a great athlete I am. He asked me to please move.

We are planning to visit George's parents this coming weekend. In light of our living situation, they've taken pity on us and said we could use their place as a laundromat. It's very college. We're hoping the random flea cowboys our dogs keep bringing home occasionally won't wrangle their way into the Emming household. Though it would give Jerry something important to do.

Still no word on the house today, but I'm working the nerve up to run again. I should take advantage of the fact that I'm not sore, right? The bad news is I'll have to squeeze exercise in around Project Runway tonight. Can't miss it and I no longer have Tivo!

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Anonymous said...

No TiVo?!? That is just insane!!! ;)