Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Day One: We're alive!

There have been so many last times in the past few weeks, it will take a lifetime to recover. After a harrowing day of loading the too-small P.O.D. we ordered, we finally pulled out of the driveway at 5 p.m. We were newly showered but still dirty if anyone looked too closely, holding it barely together but quite crabby and emotional underneath. We said goodbye and photographed ourselves, not smiling, outside our first house, then settled into separate cars and pulled away.

I made George stop along the way because we had tornado-ish weather, and neither of us had full use of all mirrors to see what we were up against. All of a sudden, the rain turned heavy and the sky blackened. I could see the wind change the direction of water spray from George's tires and felt disadvantaged that it was too dark to see, so we pulled over into a gas station that was closing down in Seibert. In a matter of minutes, cars, vans and semis jerked into the lot next to us and people got completely soaked running the few yards to the doorway. We heard rumors of tornadoes up ahead, and having seen the fingers drop from the clouds ourselves were quick to believe them true. We called Toby and Allison for internet confirmation. Nothing. "Storm warnings" was all the weather reports reported. So, we waited 10 minutes, took a deep breaths, and headed out into the dark. Like all good drama queens, the weather put on a temporary show. Twenty miles down the road, only a whisper of rain kissed the windshields.

We ended up sleeping in a hotel en route Sunday, so we arrived at nearly 5 p.m. yesterday. To a house with no refrigerator and no central air in 95 degree heat + 50% humidity. It's rained every second since we got here, sometimes a lot, sometimes a little, but without cessation. The dogs are just looking bewildered because there's no furniture to dodge while they play and yet they'd really rather not play outside. Every time we let them out, they go to the car and look at us. It'd be sad if it wasn't so funny.

George's first day of work was today, and he came home at lunch quite pleased to bring me a business flyer and tell me all about how his office, computer and even email were already set up for him. It's amazing how much of a difference a little organization makes to him. He went on and on about some spreadsheet for marketing, and he's already been told which project will be his following a little training. I'm glad to know that he'll at least enjoy that part of the new digs. I, on the other hand, nearly cried at the post office trying to get a P.O. Box. The stupid system makes me so mad, and I already felt at a loss today. I pulled it together in time to exit without shame, but we do not have an address yet. Tomorrow. . . .

The nice things: I have free wireless internet and I have been using it nonstop! The rooms are huge with hardwood everything and giant closets. Every single cupboard in the kitchen has a rollout bottom, plus the cupboards are huge so all I did was put entire boxes into each one. I have thwarted unpacking and feel like a champion! The house is also now cool. There isn't central air, but we have three window a/c units on the job. Today is not at all miserable except for what the humidity is doing to my hair. Yikes. This morning the landlord came to the door after I had already showered and arranged things on my head. When I opened the door, she said, "I'm sorry I've gotten you up." And that's when I knew there was additional work to be done. Luckily she warned me before I ran errands. I did bring a hat and a thousand of those hairbands, so I assume we'll eventually get things under control.

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