Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Little-known facts

1. Our movie rental store has an indie section.

2. There is no organic milk, organic/free-range eggs or tofu of any variety available for sale at the grocery store.

3. The elevator in our county building moves so slowly that when you reach the third floor and get out, it still feels eerily like you're going up.

4. Our farmers market has monthly contests with open participation, like this month's muffin judging.

5. Another couple moved here from Denver in the past month. We have been told this fact repeatedly and been asked "Was that you guys or the other Denver people?" Mostly it was them.

6. I like our local natural foods store, Marie's, better than Vitamin Cottage, despite its selection being mostly nonperishables.

7. We have now completely mowed the entire lawn one time. It took us 13 days.
The picture frame and hallway runner I found on my first trip to the antique store in town.

8. Some of the best antique stores I've been to are located within a 25 mile radius of my house. One of them sells pie.

9. The biggest spider I've ever seen lives on the backside of our screened porch. I think it's scaring away the smaller spiders.

10. Thanks in part to Myntha, our treadmill is now fully operational in its basement space. BONUS: It has an iPod hookup with speakers, so I don't need to wreck my ears internally and Wanda can quit harping about it.

11. Wood floors are inconveniently loud.


Anonymous said...


People in Wisconsin are reading your site and we would love to see pictures of the outside of the house. Enjoy each of your entries.

Norm and Joy Britain (as in Paul's parents)

Anonymous said...

Clarification ... the antique store that sells pies sells *fresh* pies, not antique ones.


-- Myntha