Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Passing of a Weekend

I'm in mourning for this weekend — about a millisecond in length — during which I managed to complete exactly none of my intended tasks. George and I had planned to run up to KC for Saturday evening and visit his parents, but his mom worked on Sunday and that means early to bed. So late Friday afternoon we postponed until next week, leaving an unexpectedly free weekend. And how did we fare with the time? Wasted it.

Stayed in watching movies, then walked to Dairy Queen for a ice creamy treat. I had an oreo brownie blast and don't recommend it.

Drove to Ottawa to pick up a table the antique store woman forbade me (yes, really) to attempt lifting myself (after she declined aid) by calling me back and telling me to wait for the weekend. Hmph. Could've lifted it alone, thank you very much, but George came along to ogle my bulging biceps. We brought the dogs and walked along the trail, super far, thinking how oddly different the terrain is just ten miles from home. Then we talked about our five year plan for moving back to Colorado, Steamboat Springs this time, ironing out a few minor details. (Kidding, of course, since nothing we do is that clear.) Ordered Chinese takeout for dinner and walked the entire two blocks to get it. I have no idea what happened to the remainder of the day. Pretty sure there was TV involved.

Spent the morning cleaning out our cars. Ick. I know it's my own fault for waiting, but the mud Ziti shook all over my leather interior during our Crested Butte trip in August was really difficult to scrub out. Three hours later, we watched almost all of the Chiefs game, crestfallen, and then I made bread. We took turns watching sports (George) and recorded MTV shows (me) while tag-teaming gym time. Some laundry and dishes and a little reading round out the day.

What happened to wallpapering the guest bedroom, hanging the chandelier and building hall shelves? Postponed, like the closet renovation. The list gets longer as the days shorten. Still I'd rather make this jam tart recipe I found earlier today. I bet I know what will happen first.

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