Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Kansas Snow is Mean

Ah, the first delightful snow in our first Kansas winter. See how it barely covers the grass. Beware how it nicely masks the thick glaze of ice atop our decks and sidewalks. Very sneaky and hurtful, our snow.

As I walked to the bank yesterday, I was surprised by a sideways wind pricking me in the neck with ice at a fierce speed. It hurt. I would have picked up the pace, but the sidewalk was slippery and, alas, I left my new all-weather boots in Colorado.

It reminded me of the unrelaxing walk Myntha and I took last Sunday. Thinking the winking sun was a lovely break from her freezing Iowa weather, she and I headed out, bareheaded and smiling to the trail. Upon turning around 20 minutes later, we were unceremoniously chased with brisk winds that swept away our good moods and left our ears ringing with aching cold.

I have learned my lesson and, despite the sun's apparent goodwill, I won't be fooled into going outdoors today.

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Jill said...

I am also vexed about weather, and Kansas is nowhere in sight. Perhaps it's the season? ;)