Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Return of Lazy Sunday

Nothing like a vacation to make you appreciate down time, wrapped in blankets on a Sunday morning, snaking a hand out every so often to turn the page of your book. Or at least that was me today. I am enjoying "The Zookeeper's Wife," the story of a zoo (obviously) in Warsaw during WWI. It's not as quick a read as "The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox" which I read compulsively and highly recommend (Wanda, please write this down. You'll love it!). Maybe it was the weather or a post holiday doldrums, but I've merely read four books this year. To blame is my precarious balance of work for money, work for free, and crafting in the hopes of money — eventually, someday, maybe, if I practice enough.

On Friday, I took advantage of an unexpected energy burst to rearrange our upstairs closets (in desperate need of some help and dissembling the last remaining box upstairs!) and then reorganized the entire kitchen. Finally things are in places that make sense!

Janelle came Friday afternoon to stay the night. We braved the antique stores in Garnett, finding a few treasures to make the walk worthwhile, made sort-of healthy biscuits and gravy, and didn't craft at all, despite fantastic intentions and even some well-meaning discussion.

Saturday was a surprising 70ยบ, and we didn't want to waste it all indoors. George, the dogs and I took a long walk on the trail, mourning the trees that are already blooming. I do hate when good lilacs go to waste. Today the sun didn't poke its face out at all, and the weather took an autumnal turn, briskly windy and grey. We spent the afternoon doing puzzles on the coffee table, leaving to complete a chore, then returning to put in a few more pieces. We finished the 550-piece puzzle #1 in a slump of dedicated laziness. Gauging by current speed and disloyalty levels, the 1000-piece puzzle #2 may need its own toothbrush.

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