Monday, March 9, 2009

Embracing the headaches

Allergy season slammed into our household in the usual backhanded manner. After a week of daily and day-long headaches, I finally realized I needed to resume the allergy pill regimen I left off when the temperatures dropped. Only a loose hug of a headache remains, surfacing late afternoon and sticking determinedly to the backs of my eyes. My mother-in-law notes that her allergies stay year round in Kansas. Such good news.

This week's warm weather inspired George and I to start cleaning up the yard. We filled four bags with leaves and are about 1/10th through. Though I did weed the dog run (finally) and it's easier to rake without the attack dog Ziti "saving" us by racing off with your tools. She mounts valiant rescue efforts to thwart threatening vacuums, blow dryers and — scariest of all — lawn mowers.

Continuing to pretend I can be easily motivated, I wrote up a daily schedule for myself in pen. With the implementation of daylights savings time, things are not going well. Hope your workweek isn't as tired and wrinkled as mine.

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