Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Alumna, unregistered

Our Lincoln trips always close with George at Scheel's, perusing the Husker apparel
with lust in his eyes. We left this time with only a logoed tee and water bottle.

This past weekend George and I drove up to Lincoln, NE, to visit my sister Amy. It was alumni weekend at Union College, and although I didn't register, I also thought I might peek in and see if any classmates I recognized would make an appearance. While I had good conversations with lots of people, I wished I had taken a peek at the registry to see who was actually there. I'm certain I missed someone in the crowds.

Sisters love each other, plus Amy deleted the other photo of herself.

We spent loads of time with Amy, all snuggled into her one-bedroom apartment for family cuddles. Ed and Senia gave us a home tour and their dog, Booger, entertained Poppy. Or maybe I should say that the two dogs entertained all of us, especially as we tried to get Poppy to figure out how to use a doggie door without being slapped in the face.

Ed is a gifted photographer, despite unruly subjects.

In a disappointing turn of events, my all-time favorite cinnamon roll bakery, the Grateful Bread, (a) stopped making cinnamon rolls and (b) no longer sells bread. I myself would have considered a name change. Surprisingly, they now serve vegetarian soups with rolls or delicious looking savory scones. If I hadn't been craving a darned cinnamon roll, I might have taken the change of scene with more finesse, rather than walking dejectedly to the door, empty-handed. But with this closing added to the untimely death of the Garden Cafe a few years back, all of my favorite cinnamon rolls now rest in peace. I do not take this loss lightly.

Me, sitting in Amy's apartment

Moseying through meals at El Toro and Lazlo's dulled the pain slightly. It took only one meal at Valentino's, with his affinity for all things pizza and Cornhusker, before George suggested we move to Lincoln again. And it's not even football season.

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