Monday, October 19, 2009

What I'll be wearing

My writing binge is over. Long over, actually. Those fairies flit off without warning and left me staring blankly at a screen, completely uninspired. It's unnerving.

I've had to focus on other things to keep from mourning. Like my running schedule. I've created a new one to go with my newly-minted motivation. One week's worth of runs already checked off. Still, I won't be able to make up the 14 miles/week I need to make my goal for the year. Not without killing my shins and knees, which doesn't appeal to me overly much. It appears I'll fall short by 24 miles. While I enjoyed a two-month running hiatus, George has framed most of the basement walls, meaning I'm now running toward a television bisected by a wooden beam. There are times I run from side to side while attempting to see what's going on around it, but I find if I watch cartoons or the Food Network the frame moves for me.

If you see me this winter, I'll probably be wearing this.

Last week I binged on internet shopping. The trick is not to buy anything, and I failed there. Normally I visit sites and load my cart with everything from shoes to bags to underwear. After I see my grand total (ack!) and pare down my purchases, I go to lunch. When I return from lunch, I take a picture of my cart (open apple, shift + 3) and then exit the web browser. It makes me feel better, like I've got a new wardrobe coming, and then sort-of gloaty because I didn't actually spend that $800. Anyway, last week I ended up buying a peacoat from JCrew, partly on accident. I do actually need a peacoat. Not need in the truest sense, because I have a ratty, TJMax off-brand from seven years ago. I tried to update it this year by searching for new buttons. The problem was, when I found some buttons I liked and held them up to the coat, the coat looked terrible next to my 87-cent pack o' buttons. Yeah, it's that scruffy. But then I've been wearing it nonstop for eleventy-nine years. So, anyway, when I got around to e-shopping at JCrew, I emptied my cart down to the black peacoat replacement and actually purchased it. I'm quite excited for Wednesday's delivery, which I've been tracking with a motherly, near-hormonal obsession. I'm hoping the new coat makes my buttons look downright shoddy.

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