Thursday, July 17, 2008

Day 11: Biking Fool

With all the flea happenings, I have neglected to discuss one thing that's happy-making. Our rental house is only 1/2 mile from town, so I have been using my bike again for pretty much all errands. It's been great. Though I'm considering a basket. I have to ride on a major (for this town) thoroughfare in order to get to the grocery store and crossing four lanes of traffic with my bag o'groce is getting things a bit on the bruised side. Other than that, it takes less time for me to ride to town than to drive, since parking is occasionally hazardous with senior citizens running rampant and the superslow Sundayers taking over all days of the week here. I realized this evening that I had already biked three times today, which is weird considering I never biked in Denver. Here's the difference:

1. I feel pretty safe. Traffic in Denver isn't even courteous enough to slow down for bikers, whereas I can wobble and coast to a complete stop before some of these dummies will even dare to go around me for fear of hurting me.

2. I can even use sidewalks. Denver road bikers are generally assholes who don't use signals or follow road rules. Now, not only do I not have to follow road rules unless I want to ride on the road, I have my own sidewalk safety zone where I don't have to signal.

3. It's a short ride to almost anything. I have never claimed to be any sort of distance biker, so short trips are perfect for me while I build my endurance back up — how do you think I got these calves anyway? Yes, biking. All I could ride to in Denver is (a) Dairy Queen, (b) my yoga studio and (c) the grocery store, all within four miles roundtrip. Here in midwestern hell, I can get to each of the four corners of town in less than a mile.

The victorian house we're considering is well within biking distance of everything again, which is something I'm sort of excited about now that I'm on the biking kick. If, however, we live in the country house, it's fifteen miles to town.

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