Sunday, August 3, 2008

Day 29: Our First Guest

Here's what I learned this weekend:

1. "Stepbrothers" is hilarious and "Step Up 2: To the Streets" offers disappointingly little dancing.

2. Muffins with fresh cherries are divine, especially paired with almond.

3. Keeping a refrigerator in the basement is not a diet plan.

4. Don't plan to wax your legs during a heat wave. It's very outfit-limiting.

5. You need to have a guest to feel like more than a refugee in your new space.

Unexpectedly, my little Amy came to see us for the weekend. We offered none of the usual appeals. No washer/dryer combos, comfy beds or even a refrigerator in plain sight. Luckily for me, sisters aren't as picky when they just need some company. Poor Amy did think I was kidding about the lack of bed, though. She showed up with her fluffy blankets and pillows, ready to take up on the couch, and I just laughed. But she trooped it out on four layers of those eggcrate mattress pads and a few blankets. And we let her pick out all of the movies and the food, so that made up for the sleeping situation. Sort of.

Last week I'd gotten this idea that I should wax my legs and had been letting the little hairlings grow for a few days (5) in order to complete the task with maximum success. So I couldn't pool it, obviously, but I also didn't feel like giving up on my project. I wish I were confident enough to stroll poolside and lounge in all my furry splendor. I'm just not that girl. Which leaves one option: the lake.

When we drove out to the lake on Saturday, it was already 99ยบ. We found a spot with a good amount of sunshine in a shady, unpeopled area, with easy water access, and slathered on our bug sprays and sunblock with equal measure. I had forgotten about the swirly brown unknown of lake water. The dogs splashed in, creating these horrible eddies of seaweed mixed with the unknown. I poked a toe in and the water felt like loose, sun-warmed mud. I waded up to my waist, struggling for courage to battle the muddy bottom, but no matter how far out I went the temperature never tapered. How I missed the icy chill of a snail-filled Minnesota lake. You may never want to scuba dive there, but once you've conquered your fears and gotten in it's at least worth the effort.

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