Thursday, August 7, 2008

Month 2: Waxing Fool(ish)

With all the to-do over a house, I didn't get around to finally waxing my legs until this week. Which was good because it the little hairlings were finally big enough to be yanked out. I should say, I have no idea how to wax anything. I've never had anything done except my eyebrows, once, and watching Steve Carrell do it was enough to scare me away long-term. But the allure of smooth legs for six weeks was overpowering my better judgement.

Oh, it hurts at first, but then you concentrate more on why some of the little suckers are so stubborn and you forget that you're attempting to peel off your skin with hot wax. By the end, my skin hurt from repeatedly pulling strips from the same area because I was so annoyed at the handful of lingering hairs. My horrible first-timer's wax job is a little scattered, sad to say. I will have to do some minor repairs with the razor until the next attempt. The good news is that I'm no longer afraid, and it's easier than I thought once I got the hang of it. Take a couple of Advil before you start. Trust me. That teeny bottle of aloe isn't going to help.

We got the house. Finally. What a relief. It will be incredibly nice to have all of my things in a house again, but this heat does not make me want to be the one moving anything. ;) When we had our inspection, the house hadn't had air on at all and it was 102º outside, so inside was a nice stuffy 95º. So we were all hot in there and miserable outdoors, and then the inspector had to turn on the heat for a quick check. You should have heard the complaints — even from our realtor! We were all so petulant and it was not very grown-up behavior. I'm so glad that's over, and we didn't find anything big. My plan is to turn the a/c on right after we take possession, and then move in a few days later. We should be proud home owners on the 22nd of August!

Future address: 324 W Fourth Ave,Garnett, KS 66032

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