Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Trip to the Lake

We got back from our Table Rock Lake visit on Sunday night, but it's taken us a while to recover. We got more sunshine and water than we anticipated. I have the worst sunburn covering a 2" swathe of my forehead in where my hat rubbed off the sunscreen. The things you don't think about. Then, George had repeatedly tried to wakeboard while we were there, meaning that everything is super sore from flailing as you're dragged under the water. Add to that our stupidity in traveling with the dogs means that we don't get much sleep. And we didn't go to bed early last night either.

Two of George's cousins are going to college in Lawrence and registration was yesterday. So we met them and their parents for pizza, along with George's parents. We looked sunburned, and George winced with every hug so questions were asked. Other than that it was a fun evening, and it will be nice to have the boys an hour away.

Despite all soreness, we had a great time in Missouri with my parents, sisters and brother in law. My parents wrangled an invite from close friends to stay at their house on the lake. And we didn't need to rent the pontoon or speed boat, and they also supplied kayaks, a canoe, skis, a tube, wakeboard, slalom, whatever else you could dream up. They had more floating devices than I've seen since camp, and we used most of them. The weather was perfect, though the forecast had been grim and scared a lot of boaters away. The lake was pretty and surprisingly vacant. We spent most of Saturday tucked into a little cove, swimming until we were raisins and eating a picnic lunch on the pontoon.

A view from our pontoon, plus George, Allison and Toby.

Now that we're back, we've finally made arrangements to have our POD delivered on Friday and are waiting anxiously for our closing appointment. The house is calling to me. . . Okay, no, it's more than the idea of a bed is calling to me.

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Anonymous said...

Ah hah ... I wondered why I wasn't getting subscriber updates.

I see you are reading (or have recently read?) The Remains of the Day. The movie based on that book is one of my all time favorites. The scene in the library where he tries to explain his choice of leisure literature ... ah.

-- Myntha