Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Everybody knows I'm aflutter over Buffy the Vampire Slayer (yes, even now) and am ultimately goosepimpled by Joss Whedon. So when I say that a vampire has attacked my tomatoes, you might go there. You might think I've gone nuts, as so many Buffy fans have been accused, stalking the folklore into reality. But.

The past few days, I have found the odd bite-shaped mark on a 'mater and previously some peaches were defaced. Both fruits that have a reddish-hued juice, intriguingly. Then, today, I returned from the grocery store to find two tomatoes, previously unharmed, punctured and deflated, sitting in a pinkish juice puddle. I am down four tomatoes and three peaches.

Can anyone guess what terrible fate has befallen them?


Anonymous said...

I'm gonna guess it was Ziti. I know she gets a bad rap ... but usually she's earned it.

-- Myntha

Wynell said...

I think it's a huge spider. If so, a vampire would be better.