Thursday, October 30, 2008

Goings on

The lovely surprise lilies I got from George! Had to show them off since it's a rare occasion.

Our rugs have finally arrived! The lovely local UPS man, and one of our neighbors, actually carried them into the dining room for me — since they're 9x12' and pretty awkward. Wasn't sure if that slap on the butt was the best repayment, but I'm in the football spirit. Kidding. Now I'm just waiting on a chandelier installation and a hallway bench before taking some photos. The house is actually looking like home these days. Sigh. And, with the fall weather sputtering in, it's been nice to have warm feet.

My sister Amy arrives this afternoon on her way home for school break. It's not really on her way, but she's visiting a friend in Springfield and we're totally on that route. She wanted to stop by and see the house. Then George and I are off to Rolla for the weekend to visit my parents. Mapquest says it's only a five-hour trip, rather than the 12-hour monster (from Denver). Good news.

On this episode of small town weirdness. . .
Tony, one of our college friends now living in KC, went fishing two weeks ago and mentioned in conversation that he had friends (us) who just moved to Garnett. The guy he fished with, who works with Tony's wife in KC, asked if we moved into this house. He'd heard of us. Really?

A couple pics from last weekend's KC trip. . .

My nephew, Patrick, loves bananas.

The dogs won't stand still at the off-leash park. Not that I blame them.
Our two are in mid-stride, center frame. Like my shadow?

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