Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Today is election day, so go out and vote! If you can. George and I failed to register in time, so we filled out our own ballots — okay just colored "Obama" in crayon — and mailed them to the county building. I'm pretty sure they won't count, but we feel a smidge better.

George's new company is hurting due to the down economy, as a large part of their business is engineer pipelines for the oil industry. This isn't what George or even his Kansas location does, but it's more than 50% of the company's overall business.

Last week, his office manager confided that there would be layoffs in his office. George has been a frazzled combination of stressed and guilty ever since. Stressed because he feels it's more important for him to pull his weight now, so he's been working nonstop and worries about taking holiday time away. And guilty because he's not going to be one of the people laid off even though he's the most recent hire. Instead, they let go a guy with 16 years of service, because his area of the company may soon be obsolete. Then, late yesterday, they gave Virginia, a secretary, notice. George thinks she's in her 60s at least, so it doubly sucks.

Yes, Virginia, the same wonderful lady who's given me fresh vegetables and herbs since we moved will now be searching for a job. Today I am looking at the box of pears she sent over and hoping she's doing okay.

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Andrew said...

Man I hate it when companies have to lay people off. Such a lame way to save money. Cut the CEO's wages I say. Anyone can live off of 100K a year easy.

I like your house. Looks like you are enjoying the midwest. Are you guys in a town or out a ways? Audrey and I are thinking about moving south of Portland in a year or so to see if we can get a little bigger place. (mostly in land) So the girls can get some of the Country up bringing. Ha ha ha.