Friday, November 21, 2008

Long weekend in Vegas

Wynell and I trying on obnoxious sunglasses. We're so Vegas.

This year's Las Vegas vacation may be the last for a few years. During a preliminary poll, it was decided that next year New York City is probably in order. It's so much fun to see everyone, and we love getting together. But nobody really ventured out this year, beyond the usual shopping, and we knew we'd already seen the sights. I miss the people and hope everyone will be able go to NYC next year, plus maybe even a few more people!

What did we do? First we got lost. Our flight came in well after dark, and we tried to find our way to Gwen's house in our rented van. We finally called her as we passed the "Leaving Las Vegas" sign to say we thought we might have missed our turn. She helped us out, then let us take over her lovely new house, and fed Wynell and I the very best cinnamon toast for breakfast after the others left to grab donuts and watch the Chiefs game.

Naughty Peter, all grown up, at the Bellagio.

The rest of the time, we stayed at Caesar's Palace, which I kept referring to as "Little Caesar's" (like the pizza place). George thought I was trying to make him hungry, but it was a simple memory issue. We watched Ka, a Cirque de Soliel performance we hadn't seen (I liked La Reve better — more water). We ate at Bouchon and Trevi, a little French followed by a little Italian, plus grabbing bites here and there. The boys spent lots of time at the pool. While, separately and together, little shopping groups of girls hopped between the Forum, Miracle Mile and the Town Square.

Toby drove us all, squishing 10 of us together into our van, to In-n-Out Burger two times — I felt sick after both, even just eating a grilled cheese. I bought a yummy chocolate croissant at our hotel's coffeehouse, then later a caramel apple from another place that was so cold the caramel didn't budge when I tried to eat it. I hurt my teeth. That sucker was saved for hours later and then passed around the group for bites because, once warm, it was delicious! We ate more, shopped again, gambled a bit, a few of us got molested while dancing, and we finally said goodbye to the group at Studio Cafe.

At Studio Cafe, post-dancing, a little tired and delirious at 3 a.m.

George and I caught two flights home, stopping at first in Denver. We were depressed to be reminded that we didn't live there anymore as we said goodbye to Allison, Toby, Wynell & Peter. By the time we got home, around 11:30 p.m., we were oddly awake. After all, it was only 9:30 in Vegas, and we'd been up until 3 or 4 a.m. most nights. We had been awake only 10 hours.


Andrew said...

Man that sounds like fun times. When Audrey and I were there it was fun (and we saw the sights) but kinda boring as we knew no-one. I probably won't go back to do any normal Vegas suff. When I do it will be to see Hover Dam and do some hiking etc.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure that isn't MOby peeing in the fountain? Sure looks like him.