Monday, November 24, 2008


Chocolate pie! Chocolate pie!

Our Thanksgiving dry run with the in-laws took place Sunday. They provided most of the dinner, while my job was pies, rolls and green beans. Normally, when I say that I don't need a vegetarian entree to replace the turkey, somebody buys a tofu something that tastes like tree bark. I must then pretend to eat it gratefully and with compliments.

Carole, George's mom, doesn't usually take me seriously when I protest. She makes me a cheese lasagna when they have one with meat sauce, and she buys vegetarian meatballs to replace the real ones on the side. She keeps black bean burgers in stock for summer barbecues. She makes salmon alongside brisket for family dinner. Consistently and thoughtfully, she has something for me to eat.

So when I said honestly that I'd just like to eat the sides, I wasn't sure she'd allow it.

One second later, Patrick's cute little fingers go right into Daisy's nostril.

Yet when I peeked into the numerous pots simmering and baking and chilling, I found nothing to be afraid about. I was free! At dinner, I piled my plate with mashed potatoes, green beans and veggie stuffing, rolls, cranberries and Jennifer's fruit salad. And, a few hours later, a second plate with thin swathes of pie and a mug of coffee completed the dry run. Mmmm.

Another item added to my list of thankings: considerate in-laws.

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