Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Cookie Swap '08: Sans You Guys

Part of our party group for Cookie Swap 2007

Oh, girls of the Cookie Swap group, how I miss thee. Turns out that this year's swap is going to be pretty much me and my mom, so not nearly as fun or so pretty on the table.

Mmmm. More cookies than Mom and I will be making.
And this wasn't even all of them!

I just dug up the wish cards you all wrote for 2008, and I hope that some of you were hoping for life changes. It seems over half of you have new addresses, a few have (or will soon have) new last names, and a third have had a family addition in the past year. That's a lot of changes for one small group. Agape, Julia, Wynell, Kari, Gina, Laurel, Myntha, and Gretchen: Your wishes are going in the mail today. The rest of you need to send address updates. You know who you are. ;)

Here's some of what I wished:

Bake bread & desserts more
Accomplished. Between my bakery job and the extra 10 pounds I'm carrying around, it's easy to cross that one off the list.

Organize the closets
And also pack them up, move them across a few states and set them back up again. Check.

Keep in better touch with loved ones
I am using this blog. Done.

Run more
Well, this one is staying on for next year to help deplete my bakery storage.

I've just begun thinking about my wishes and plans for next year. For me, planning is fun. I've been writing myself these wish cards since high school, though it's been more exciting to do it as a group. I'm pretty sure 2009 will include more exercise, more travel, more writing, and hopefully a reupholstery class. How about you?

Special thanks to Gina for sending me the individually wrapped cookies
printed recipe book from her work's cookie swap last week. Love it!


Anonymous said...

I miss you too! Merry Christmas! Did you get our card?


Mom said...

You sure did have some nice friends. I know you'll make more in Kansas, but in the meantime I get to bake cookies with you instead!


Christine is vegetarian.

Dear MOM!

Please change your name to "Lynn" for commenting on my blog — seems slightly less pathetic, thank you.

And also I baked all the cookies while you made suggestions and worried that there wouldn't be enough. 10 dozen cookies for 7 people is enough, okay? Okay. End rant.

Love you too!

Allison said...

Awwww, miss you and your cookies! You can mail me some any time, you know. I want you to know it's always an option. Love you!