Saturday, December 13, 2008

Vintage chairs for $12.50

The old and new chair tops. I really like my fruity one better!

At the antique store in town, I found a set of tall, vintage, swivel chairs for my kitchen island, still covered in the original '60s oilcloth picturing roosters, trees and farm scenes. It was a bit stained and discolored, so I decided to reupholster it with an oilcloth print that I have.

The original chair

Store co-owner Robin said to polish the chrome up with that stuff you rub onto your hubcaps (or George does) and it would take away the tiny imperfections and get back the metal's sheen. Still haven't done this, since it wasn't available at our grocer. Maybe next week.

The finished chair, for now.

I'm excited to replace our backless, wooden Target stools with something more functional and cute — plus I get to celebrate my first reupholstery job!

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