Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Kansas, New & Improved

We've been busy around the house lately, and I thought it was time to show some of the finished work. First off is the guest bathroom shower, which had to be modified to fit the space. I guess usually the bathtub is outfitted to face a wall, rather than the center of the room, so the set needed extra pieces for showmanship. I'm making a screen print for the shower curtain to keep it from being starkly white, but we had to hang it as is to let the packaging wrinkles relax. Take it from me: you can't iron plastic.

I finished my hallway shelving project, a hodgepodge display area now bedazzling the upstairs walkway with pictures and found objects.

Not pictured is a horrible and precarious little shelf George made to place the 8" workout TV directly in front of the treadmill. He's been getting a calf cramp while he runs that he insists is due to the TV being situated slightly to the right, even though he turned the treadmill to face it head on. He's one of those people who can't look to the side while running or he loses balance, so I like to tease him about that anyway. I told him the calf thing was probably more due to underuse than anything, but he thinks he'll prove me wrong this week. Stay tuned because that'll be riveting.

George also completed a rough-and-tumble hanging space for his closet, so our things now rely on hangers rather than sheer volume to stay in place. It's nice to be able to pull a single item from the fray without imminent collapse. The newly breathable space has left room to expand my shoe collection, starting with these moccasins!

I enjoyed watching the inaugural yesterday. It's inspiring to see people delightedly crowded together, practically wearing hope. Though I know there are many Americans rabid with anger over this election, the energy and easy community of yesterday's proceedings spoke volumes about our country's future. Hope has caught me.


Anonymous said...

Luuuuurrrve the mocs! Best ever. . .


Beth said...

Super great to know that your extra bath now has a fabu shower for me! Warm up my room, madam. :-)