Friday, January 16, 2009

Cavity confusion

How pretty my cleaned teeth are. Hooray for invisible holes!

Maybe it is just me, but I am confused about my dentist visit yesterday. When they looked over my film, it appears that I have a cavity beneath a filling. See, I thought that the filling was the end of it. Or I wouldn't have paid $180 to have a swollen face for four hours. Now I have to go in to have a filling removed and then get drilled on anyway. I hate the dentist. They're actually very nice people over there, and I still loathe them. I can't get away from the bad news.

Out of spite, I set up a cleaning appointment for George. I know there's got to be something wrong in there. He says he's going to cancel it, but it does make me feel better. It appears I'm pettier than I'd like to be.

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