Thursday, January 15, 2009

(Sing in the tune for Gilligan's Island)
. . . A 3-Year Term

The worst news
Yes, my Chamber of Commerce election is apparently a three-year deal. I was early to our first meeting last night and thereby narrowly avoided being elected president. Though they still tried to force me, and I think the look of shock I was wearing probably read as incompetence and saved me. That was before I knew I was there for 3 years, so the look of shock stayed.

I was waiting for someone to ask why I hadn't paid dues yet, since we went over the roster. Save that embarrassment for another time, I guess.

The good news
I am in charge of the Easter Parade and Egg Hunt event in the square. It's good news because I am pretty sure the egg hunt part is taken care of people with kids, and it's on a Sunday in the morning but not too early, and it's with kids so I don't have to make a speech or anything. More like shouting "Go!" into a blowhorn. Which I can do and actually have a lot of practice doing. College prepared me well.

The better news
I might quit. I still don't want to pay dues, and during the meeting we established Chamber Socials, a monthly event encouraging members patronage of other membership businesses by basically rotating open houses between them. This means that we have to promote now monthly events, which works well for the two insurance agents on the team who thought up the idea and are hosting the first events. For me, it reinforces the idea that joining the COC wasn't the best move for my type of business in the first place.

The low blow
George thinks it'd be stupid to quit. He's decided anything that gets me out of the house is a good thing. My secret is that he's really the stupid one, because he has to work 40 hours/week. Which I am thinking right now and laughing loudly, wearing pajamas and drinking tea at 11 a.m. in the solace of my empty house.


Anonymous said...

Uh ... here's hoping none of your fellow COCers read this blog? :)

Christine is vegetarian.

But if they do, then the quitting won't come as a huge surprise. Perhaps I should email a link instead and avoid the awkward face-to-face.