Thursday, January 8, 2009

It's "Ms. Board Member" to you

In a weird twist of fate, I've been voted in as a member of the board at the local Chamber of Commerce, just as I had decided not to renew my membership. How? I hear you ask. Well, let's just thank Donna at the local antique store for throwing my name in without consent. Yep. Here's how it happened.

(SCENE: I am browsing for a vintage tree topper for my Christmas tree, trapped in the bowels of a crowded basement when the talkative store owner approaches. Immediately, I plan my exit strategy.)
DONNA: Oh hi Christine. Is business picking up for you? (Yes, she's always this direct.)

ME: Yeah, some. Thanks for asking.
DONNA: We have a free spot on the Chamber of Commerce board. Would you be interested in being a member next year?

ME: Well. . . maybe. I don't know. What does a board member do?

DONNA: We meet on Wednesday evenings and talk about city business and the like. We're in charge of the square calendar, so we try to plan things to boost business. . . . (More vagueries ensue.)

ME: Uh, I'd need to know more about the specifics. Can Cecilia call me or email me more about it?
DONNA: Yes, yes, I'll tell her to be in touch.
ME: Okay, thanks.
END SCENE: And I leave the store empty-handed, probably backing out as I typically do following these ambushes. Though I do venture back a week later with my mom and find a tree topper, for those who worried over that detail.

But by the following afternoon, I have completely forgotten this conversation. When the mail arrives the following week, I am astounded to see my name at the top of an official ballot as a nominee for the Chamber of Commerce board. There are, apparently, three spots open and (the ironic twist) three nominees.

I was only mildly surprised at the phone call from Cecilia today, welcoming me as an official board member. But when she asked which town event I'd like to organize, I froze. Um, I'm going to have to call you back, I said. I haven't.


Gary said...

Congratulations, Christine! I think this is just super. Some civic engagement for which you're accountable for is a really good thing. I think I just may follow your lead!

Andrew said...

Looks like you need to update your "wishes for the upcoming year" list in the last post and add Chamber of Commerce Board member to the list. Nothing like being involved in local politics to give you a good view of Midwest life.

Anonymous said...

Today the board ... tomorrow the world!

Anonymous said...

Hey, at least as a member of the board, you should finally be eligible for a library card ...


Christine is vegetarian.

Shut up! I'm tired of you librarians and your elitist views. It's called the "public" library. Hello.