Monday, January 5, 2009


Happy 2009, everyone!

To celebrate the unseasonably warm weather , I've been doing a lot of things outdoors. Walking to the post office and bank and grocery, sans my hat and mittens, has been lovely and makes me feel like a real person rather than a bundled snow monster. The dogs and I have also trekked through the woods on our favorite trails frequently in the past two weeks. The walking and quiet time outdoors gave me plenty of time to finish my wishes for the upcoming year, difficult since I just wanted to write "I wish I didn't move here" and ring in Sulkfest 2009. But I'm 32 and it's time to grow up — two very hard but solid facts.

So, after careful consideration, I present the (tidier, shorter and less sarcastic) public version of my wish list. Ahem.
  1. Bake professionally again.
  2. Run 350 miles.
  3. Learn to speak basic Spanish for reals.
  4. Find a paid writing assignment!
  5. Join a group — knitting, reading, whatever. I need local friends too.
  6. Sew something wearable.
  7. Read 60 books this year
  8. Visit friends. (Top of the list is Jenney and Paul, who I've promised to visit for the past, oh, five years. I'm thinking an elaborate Minnesota-Wisconsin tour by car.)
  9. Start a community walking group.
  10. Give handmade (or found) gifts all year.
George and I are trying out, informally, the Bitchery Reduction Plan. He's writing down one thing he wants me to stop harping about, plus one thing he's going to work on in the coming year. I'm doing the same. We are trading ideas next weekend. The BRP has promise.

I'm excited about 2009, both my plans for it and whatever it unfolds itself to be. New year, new president, new secret superpowers, — wait. Okay, just the first two for now, but I aim high.


Anonymous said...

Unseasonably warm weather (which in Iowa means 30 degrees instead of 8) does make one feel more optimistic. If your going up to Minnesota it behooves you to stop in Iowa, don't you think?:)

Anonymous said...

Okay, okay ... it does not behoove you to come to Iowa. It does not behoove anyone to experience an Iowa ice storm.

Christine is vegetarian.

Quit saying "behoove"! I feel like you're a weirdo librarian peering down at me over your glasses. ;)

Weather permitting, I'd love to visit this Iowa City I've heard such fair tales about.

Anonymous said...

But ... I *am* a weirdo librarian peering down at you over my glasses!