Monday, March 16, 2009

A Middling Start

My bakery dreams involve walk-in refrigeration, flour bins on casters, double ovens in air conditioning, and one of those squeaky screen doors that opens to daintily-printed, mismatched furniture. Isn't it adorable? Yes, I know. I've dreamed it a thousand times.

But my Barbie bakery doesn't exist in real life, and the combination of economy realities + location issues don't give me much hope. I've sat shiva for the brick-and-mortar bakery that wasn't. I'm finished with mourning. After all, summer's nearly arrived. Summer. . .

Summer means farmers markets, my all-time favorite. Watch out for a super cute bakery booth lined with dainty, vintage tablecloths and fresh-baked breads, bars, cookies and pastries. There won't be A/C or even a screen door, but I'm just getting started.

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Anonymous said...

Any chance you can have a booth at our market?