Sunday, August 16, 2009

Counting Pennies


Maybe you remember this stuff from when you were little and maybe you don't. Maybe you never lived in a small enough town that didn't have even one automated change counter. Maybe your parents never kept change in a large mason jar near the doorway and told you they'd give you 5 cents for every dollar (cheap!) if you could wrap all of their collected coins. Or maybe your parents never tried to teach you math lessons like that.

Regardless, when I went into the bank with my mason jar full of coins, I was given a handful of paper change sleeves. Time peeled back, and I spent part of the afternoon hunched over piles of pennies. I had to force myself away. Then George came home from work, saw the mess and felt inspired to press nickels into the paper. We huddled over the counter, happy to be doing this stupid task, guessing how many dollars we'd have when we were done (we both overshot our estimates). Why? Who knows. It seemed fun. Could be a harbinger of simplemindedness waving from the corner. But until we know for sure, if anyone needs some change counted, you can mail it to us.

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Anonymous said...

HA HAHAHAHA HAHA. You have to count your own change. That's HIlarious! What is the country coming too?