Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dear Kansas

Thank you so much for generously returning our tax dollars for the year of 2008. Today. I really appreciate it, though I have to wonder why you tried to send this particular check to my husband's childhood home. He has not even stopped by that house for a look-see, much less to check the mail, since 1996. Even his parents have moved three times since living there. We are wondering how you even got that address, considering we sent you a tax return with our mailing address typed in. There haven't been address problems when you ask us for property taxes. No, those letters come direct, no forwarding required.

If you didn't want us to cash your check until August, why not just wait until now to send it to us? We would have understood. We've been a bit short ourselves from time to time.

Really, we appreciate the money. We had given it up for dead, so we're delighted to send it directly back to you for our property tax payment. Though we also have to wonder if that's the main reason for your timing.

Lots of love,

P.S. If the highway department could just hurry up on that road to Lawrence that will shear 20 minutes off my commute, that would be great. Since all the "help" began, construction has added 15 minutes. . .

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