Thursday, August 20, 2009

Weird Day


It's been a weird day. The weirdness is even manifesting itself in my dog. If you can drag your eyes away from my disaster of receipts and unpaid bills in the above photo, you might notice the funny thing asleep on the couch with its legs in the air. I kinda wish I could do that, but it doesn't really seem comfortable.

Today I finally uprooted my 8-foot tall and fruitless eggplant tree. It's supposed to be 18" tall and growing 3" finger eggplants and is instead hogging a portion of the garden for no reason. With the 16 storms that left rain puddling throughout the yard the past three days, all of the tomatoes that were thinking about ripening instead split their skins, engorged with water. Most curious of all are the three purple, heirloom tomatillo plants I've grown since spring that are giving me red, cherry tomatoes. I seriously went back and checked the package. Is this even possible?

It's been a freakish week. You know the one, where your timing is just slightly off about everything. You put a letter out to mail, but you see the mailman's already come. You try to start the dishwasher and notice you're out of those stupid detergent paks. You forget to pull your laundry from the dryer until it's so distorted you practically have to wash it again to get the wrinkles out. You drop everything at least once. And then again for fun. You feel like you need a second nap to recover from your first nap. There's just no exercising to save your life. This has been my week. I'm hoping an early bike ride tomorrow will help clear the fog from my head, but I'll probably just get a pant leg caught in the chain again.


Gary said...

Oh my god, that photo is priceless.

Those kinds of days do indeed suck. I hope it doesn't morph into a week for you. Sometimes you gotta just cowboy up and push through. CowGIRL up - sorry.

Myntha said...

The perfect recipe for a weekend after a week like that:

Myntha said...

(feel free to substitute the beverage of your choice)