Sunday, May 17, 2009

When Friends are Family

Kari, me, Becka, Allison, Amy & Heidi

It's not a sad story, don't worry. The Lund-Rosette saga is ongoing and epic. We are intertwined, despite geography. To think it all started with a pumpkin-colored rental house down the road. Our family moved in; theirs helped. How funny, our mothers mused, that our girls are so close in ages. They'll be fast friends. Okay that last part is what I imagine them saying, Uncle Arthur style. I love my friends as much as anyone, and some of them are so much like family that I am comfortable ignoring them for years. The Lunds are that for me — a bit of home and history and inbred fights, people who knew you when and love you regardless. Miss you guys.

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